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Bruce selected for IDFA 2020

Ex-prisoner Bruce (27) is trying to pick up his life after a period of 14 years of boarding school and detention. His childhood was filled with drugs, crime and violence. Now that he is free, he is trying to build a future without crime. Bruce is one of the many ex-prisoners who have to start over every year. Director Daniel Krikke was curious about the motivation of ex-prisoners: ‘Where does someone get his motivation when he has lost everything, struggles with a negative self-image and is constantly confirmed that the system is against him?

In his documentary he portrays Bruce who confronts himself and tries to break old patterns of behavior. He is open and vulnerable and does everything in his power to hold his own. With the support of his aunt Diane and his friend and coach Lamyn, he tries to build a new life.

After serving a prison sentence, thousands of detainees are released every year. Almost half of this group goes wrong again within two years. After serving the sentence, it is important that this group can participate again, but for many a difficult return to society follows. Reintegration is the responsibility of the detainee himself, but often there is insufficient aftercare, a social safety net is lacking and practical matters, such as a home, are not arranged, as in Bruce’s case. In short, a stable basis to return is lacking, with all the consequences that entails.

The penetrating documentary BRUCE, produced by Worldvisuals Film with Ideefix Film & Media will premiere during the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam 2020 and will be broadcast in the week of IDFA as IDFA Primeur on NPO2 on Thursday 26 November 2020 10.55 pm.