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Life Upside Down shows the way dance can tell a powerful story

makeOn Tuesday, October 31st, the documentary “Life Upside Down” (Leven op zijn kop) will have its preview screening at Pathé Zwolle. Directed by Barbara de Baare, the film tells the story of David, a breakdancer from Zwolle who carries an intergenerational war story with him. Director De Baare described it as “an inspiring story that needs to be told and shared, especially now.”

“Life Upside Down” will be shown to a larger audience for the first time on Tuesday, October 31st, at 7:30 PM at Pathé Zwolle. The documentary showcases the 14-year-old David, a talented breakdancer from Zwolle with big ambitions and a remarkable story.

Dancing with the Past and Emotions
Last year, David participated in the television program “Holland’s Got Talent.” The Dutch-Armenian boy has been dancing since he could stand and consistently wins competitions. This past summer, he even became the world champion in youth breakdancing for those under sixteen. He aspires to reach the international top. His mother, Mery, supports him in his ambitions. At a young age, she fled Armenia, and the war still plays a role in their family’s life. David’s greatest desire is to make up for what his mother lost, but as he reaches a certain age, doubts start to overwhelm him. Dancing and spinning, he seeks a way to connect with his emotions.

A Film with a Message
The filmmaker aims to make an impact. The documentary also serves as a starting point for an inspiring impact program for young people like David and their parents. Breakdance workshops are planned in asylum centers, with the first one taking place in the AZC Zwolle. There are also plans for film screenings at colleges and universities to initiate conversations about inclusivity and diversity.

A Director with an Eye for Uniqueness
Barbara de Baare (born 1979) is a journalist and documentary filmmaker from Zwolle. She is the owner of BKIJKS, a production company specializing in commissioned films with a documentary character. Barbara has worked as an editor and reporter for various TV and radio programs, including KRO-NCRV, BNN-VARA, RTL4, and Omroep Gelderland. Her documentary “Koeienpoep & Erwtensoep” won the Audience Award at Go Short (2019) during the Shortest Night Film Festival. Her short film “Honkvast” also won the Audience Award at Twente Short (2022). Her strength lies in her ability to uncover the complexity of her characters and find a visual style that suits their perspective.

About the Production
“Life Upside Down” is a Teledoc Campus production by Worldvisuals Film in co-production with HUMAN, and it was financed by the CoBO Fund, NPO, the Dutch Film Fund, and NPO Fund. In 2024, the film will be broadcast on television for the general public, with the broadcast date to be announced soon.

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