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Something about Alex best scoring Dutch short film

In 2018, Dutch films were again well represented. Anders, by director Reinout Hellenthal, written by Paul Bontenbal and a production in collaboration with Worldvisuals Film was named by Eye as the most successful short film in 2018. The film was broadcast last year on German broadcaster WDR, screened at more than 100 festivals and won 25 awards and was awarded the title of best short youth drama in the world. The Something about Alex teaching package is developed for schools in Dutch secondary and secondary education and is now available.

Something about Alex is about 14-year-old Alex, played by Maas Bronkhuyzen, who struggles with his identity in the Drenthe countryside. The boy is best friends with Hendrik, his sister’s friend, with whom he has good conversations and likes to frolic in the woods. When Alex’s sister and Henry decide to move to the city, it leads to a series of events in which the aftermath of a game of football with a group of boys will lead to a climax. Alex can now show who he really is.